Catholic School Advisory Council

Welcome to the Catholic School Advisory Council (CSAC)

Our council consists of the  following:

Chair: Amy Reaume

Co-Chair: Tamara Amyot

Secretary: Andrea Bolton

Treasurer: Jessica Fazekas

Parish Rep: Kim Evon-Downer

Teaching Rep: Barb Guthrie

Non-Teaching Rep: Tracey Heavens

Other voting members:  Stephanie Coates, Pam Bortolin, Patricia Malisan, Angela Liburdi, Anne-Marie Duval, Angela LaPorta,

Last Meeting Minutes:


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Opening Prayer: All

Attendance: Rosemary Lofaso, Michelle Chevalier, Amy Reaume, Andrea Bolton, Kim Evon-Downer, Jessica Fazekas, Tracy Heavens, Barb Guthrie, Patricia Malison, Tamara Amyot, Angela Liburdi, Anne-Marie Duval, Pam Bortolin, Rosa Douma, Angela LaPorta

Regrets: Paula Corro-Battagello, Karla Bondy

Approval of Minutes from the meeting of May 24, 2017:

Motion Made By: Jessica Fazekas

Seconded By: Pam Bortolin

Approval of Agenda:

Motion Made By: Jessica Fazekas

Seconded By: Kim Evon-Downer

Declaration of Conflict of Interest:



  1. Introductions: Many new members, which was nice to see and a special welcome to new Principal, Mrs. Rosemary Lofaso.


  1. Council Nominations and votes:

Chair- Amy Reaume

Co-chair- Tamara Amyot

Secretary- Andrea Bolton

Treasurer- Jessica Fazekas

Parish Rep- Kim Evon-Downer; maybe Ann-Marie Duval to share???

Teaching Rep- Barb Guthrie

Non-Teaching Rep- Tracy Heavens



  1. Principal/Vice Principal:
  • Re-organization occurred on Monday, 9/25 in the grades 4 & 5 junior division. This was based on balancing needs, ratios, strengths etc and went relatively well. As of 9/26, there were 462 students enrolled . There was also a need to shift the JK/SK classrooms to save custodial costs as directed by the Board and a drop in those grades enrollments.
  • Meet the Teacher Math Night occurred on Tuesday, 9/19. Similar numbers were in attendance, but less in the senior division. Some disappointed families with missing the annual BBQ. It was changed due to a teacher who usually spearheads the BBQ could not be involved and also since math is a provincial guideline, moved in this direction to also include parent engagement. Council and admins can re-visit later this school year to decide on plans for next September.
  • Grades 5 & 6 will engage in the CYW pro-social program, which will move to 7 and 8 soon. This focuses on coping and resiliency skills- comes into classrooms for 7 sessions, 2x a week as a Tier 1 Intervention. JK/SK will focus on Just Right (self-regulation), and Grade 4s on Friends for Life. CYW may drop into primary grades at some point as well (1,2,3)…
  • Canned Good Drive went very well, as always- local food bank and media were at school on Thursday, 9/28 to finalize this event. Terry Fox Run also took place on this date and each student was asked to bring in a Toonie 4 Terry.
  • October 6 at 9am is the Thanksgiving Mass; will switch from more liturgies and less masses (ex) Remembrance Day. Annual retreat days will stay the same.
  • Playgrounds: new turf in K area looks great! Want to re-do gravel area where playground used to be-will be very expensive. Also need to take care of wooden structures first, since they are a safety hazard.
  • Outdoor classroom: Mr. Bortolin has kept up the area but it is difficult. Receiving a quote in the area to make it more amenable to natural surveillance and safety.
  • Kiss & Ride: concern still lingers of parents using the church parking lot as a turn around- need to get word out again to appeal for more help & better knowledge on how to use K&R! As a result, questions arose on when students may enter school- must wait for bell to ring & if letting in early due to weather etc- please ring bell to acknowledge all still waiting outdoors.
  • Safe Schools Team: need teachers, community members, non-teaching rep and parents to volunteer. Meets 4x/year. By utilizing a climate survey, take a look at what needs work, consider outreach programs, class lessons etc. We need one parent volunteer from our school!
  • Parent Involvement Committee (PIC): Need more representation here for the Board level; takes place in the evenings and will need to serve 1-2 years
  • Looking for one intermediate boys basketball still


  1. Teaching Rep:
  • None
  1. Non-Teaching Rep:
  • None


  1. Parish Rep:
  • No meeting yet- None .
  1. Treasurer:
  • $4,995.92 is our current account – all on spreadsheets provided.
  • Made close to $5k on hot lunches and $4k for GM Drive


  • Fall Fundraiser: Poinsettia Sale – Ms. Lofaso will get details and quotes to present at next meeting. Delivery in parish hall over one day and after school pickup. Order forms due in November for holidy delivery; suggesting $25 for large plant.

*School will also do its own fundraiser this year; ideas on both fundraisers is to use the $ within the same school year so families can see where their contributions are being used.


  • SpiritWear: The order forms just pay for the gear itself. Has not been a good response thus far. Idea is to have Spirit Wear Wednesdays to promote purchases. This has begun and hopefully will see a rise in sales.


  • More fundraising: Other ideas to include Halloween colouring contest; Xmas basket raffles, etc- GOAL is to purchase a better sound system for productions. Need audio to reconfigure speakers and overall port for better quality, equipment itself is fine. It is always important to state what out fundraising goal is!


  • Teacher requests to Parent Council: standardized form for all requests will be brought forth by Mrs. Lofaso to teaching staff. This will account for equitable distribution and accountability as to who is asking for what and why to benefit the most students.


  • Recess equipment: will go to each class who fills out what they need; however, proper inventory should be taken as the budget is $500 for fall and $500 for spring so we don’t want to give stuff to those who already have some supplies etc



Motion to Adjourn: 7:52 pm – next meeting is at 6:00 on Tuesday, 10/17 and succeeding meetings are as follows:

All on Tuesday at 6- 11/28, 1/16, 2/27, 4/10 and final one on 5/29 (for a total of 7 meetings)

Motion Made By: Pam Bortolin

Seconded By:   Tamara Amyot