Catholic School Advisory Council

Welcome to the Catholic School Advisory Council (CSAC)

Our council consists of the  following:

Chair: Amy Reaume

Secretary: Andrea Bolton

Treasurer: Jessica Fazekas

Parish Rep: Kim Evon-Downer

Teaching Rep: Barb Guthrie

Non-Teaching Rep: Tracey Heavens

Other voting members:  Tamara Amyot, Stephanie Coates, Rhonda Boniferro,  Paula Corro-Battagello, Pam Bortolin, Patricia Malisan, Angela Liburdi.

Expenditures Fund Raiser Report.2015docx

Meeting Dates all begin at 6:00 pm: September 14th., November 2nd., January 18th., March 29th., May 17th., and June 14th.

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